We are committed… to raising the standards expected in Home Health Care.  Where going beyond what is expected becomes the new norm.  We want our patients, employees, physicians and community to feel a part of our family.  Our physicians and patients need to know we are committed to safety, physical and emotional well being and to maximize functional recovery for all we come into contact with.

The quote that drives our decisions at S.E.T. Home Health, and that all should strive to live by, is: Doing the Right Thing is Not Always Easy… Sometimes it’s Down Right Hard, But Doing the Right Thing is Always Right.”

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  1. Cindy McCabe says:

    Just a note to tell you how professional,extremely knowledgeable and compassionate your staff are. All three that came to my home, called ahead, were on time, were friendly and extremely adept at their jobs.

    But , OSCAR is a rare find…….. I don’t know if I would be recovering from my surgery and insueing wound if it had not been for Oscar.

    He took a large open surgical sight and brought it back together like it had been stitched or stapled in a week.
    He always made me feel as though there was, hope, that I was going to get better, and I had no question I was getting the best wound care.

    On some very bleak days he showed me compassion and empathy.

    Please share this email with him, I will be forever grateful to Oscar and your company and will recommend your company to anyone I can.


  2. Sylvan Adams says:

    good morning.
    I need home care for my Dad morning and evening every dayi in Beverly Hills, FL. He is 92, unsteady on his feet sometimes, sharp in the brain, independent minded, but needs help with showering, some dressing, can do his own meds, and light housekeeping.
    Presently in nursing home, my mother just past away last week and she was his caregiver. Please contact me 408-718-4675 or at sylvanadams@gmail.com

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